From idea to portfolio


The design of the portfolio must reflect who I am, and what I’m doing.

I can design and program websites before, so it’s not a strange thought for me. As it’s a portfolio, then I prefer to have one single page for all the contents, and some smaller subpages for the other things (as this design page and changelogs). All the contents must be centralized in the front page. Because of it’s a portfolio, and not a blog, I want to keep it very simple and not add so much content or possibilities to the user to interact with me (comments, widgets and other frills).

The website must be responsive (optimized for display, smartphones, tables and more) and be written in HTML5 and CSS3.


I want to have a header with a full screen video (short) with me saying something on danish sign language, which loops forever. I am deaf and the visual presentation of myself  is very importance. It creates a difference, but pleasure welcome to the visitors. Along the video, there are menus and title of the portfolio.

Beneath the video I am putting a overview of all my works in pictures and all can click on the pictures to read more about my works, sortable by tags. After that, there are my writings (exercises, posts, thoughts and more) and short information about me (It’s about my projects, and not about me). At last, I want to provide a possibility to contact me, and to explore more about me using social medias (link to Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, LinkedIn (maybe) and more).

The color scheme is not found yet, but I thinks about something light on dark and neutral shades. (light font on dark background).

The design draws inspiration from


As my ideas is not easily accessible in form of WordPress template (Who provide a single-page template with video in top and two subpages?), I must make it myself. I found a cool template, Bushed from Alessio Atzeni. It contains what I want – but need great modifications to work exact as what I want it to. It’s written in HTML, CSS and is based on Twitter Bootstrap framework (Even thought it’s version 2.3.2 and not the newer 3.0.2) . I never tried Bootstrap, so it’s a great challenge to me to learn to code it proper. I’ve never code a template to WordPress as well (I prefer Typo3 or Concrete5 as CMS), so it’s a good opportunity to learn it and become clever to other platforms. I couldn’t “just” find the same template in WordPress and install it. I must code it whole from nothing. You can watch my progress in the changelog page and the design project.