Døvehistorisk Selskab

Historical Society of the Deaf

The Historical Society of the Deaf was in need of a website, which should be clear and could provide all the essential historical materials for the visitors in a digital matter. All their materials is in their original and historical forms, as books, pictures and handwritten texts.

I chose to design a lightweight and light page with a huge and solid system as the backbone, which can support such a large and complex system of texts, pictures and other information. The Danish CMS system, Typo3 fulfilled my need. I created a website with minimal use of pictures (and created it mostly with CSS) and a CMS with almost infinite possibilities.

Link to Døvehistorisk Selskab’s website


  • Wireframing and mockups with the client
  • Design of the website
  • Frontend programming using HTML and CSS
  • Server side programming with PHP
  • CMS implementation with Typo3